Best Family Hike in Bryce Canyon

Sep 1, 2021 | Bryce Canyon National Park, National Parks, Simple Suit, United States, Utah

If you’re looking for the best family hike in Bryce Canyon, look no further.

We combined Queen’s Garden Trail + Navajo Loop + Wall Street while visiting Bryce Canyon National Park with the kids. This 2.3-mile trail combo is now one of our top three kid-friendly hikes of all time.

Bryce Canyon sits at roughly 8,000 feet of elevation, so we enjoyed this hike on our second day in the park, which gave our bodies a little more time to adjust to the lower levels of oxygen.

Because we were visiting during the summer, on our 7-day southern Utah road trip, we opted to hit the trail first thing in the morning, before the sun was blazing.


Head to Sunrise Point, where you’ll find the trailhead!

Shuttles in the park didn’t begin operating until 8 am when we were in the park, and since we wanted to get an early start, we opted to drive our vehicle to Sunrise Point.

At the base of the Sunrise Point viewpoint, you’ll see a trail marker for Queen’s Garden.

While you certainly can start this trail combo at Sunset Point, we had heard from some other travel friends that hiking UP Wall Street was magical, so we chose to start at Sunrise Point on the Queen’s Garden Trail.

Note: There are restrooms located near the parking lot at the General Store. There are no restrooms (of the modern variety) along the trail. So, plan accordingly.


You’ll quickly notice that the start of this trail is steep! However, this point of entry is considered the easiest trail to enter the canyon.

The trail can be dusty and slippery, so make sure you have decently treaded shoes!

The hoodoos (pillars of eroded rock) give a garden-like appearance…if you use your imagination. Keep an eye out for the garden’s namesake, Queen Victoria, as she looks out over the rocky garden.

queen's garden trail in bryce canyon national park

The scenery as you look out over the amphitheater is spectacular. Just within the first half mile, you’ll realize why this is one of the most popular trails in Bryce Canyon.

Around every corner is something mesmerizing.

family hiking through tunnel on queen's garden trail in bryce canyon national park
family hiking by hoodoos in bryce canyon

Rest in the shade of a limestone hoodoo when you get tired, or just pause to take it all in.

Kids, especially, will love the tunnels cut out of the rock!


The trail will eventually intersect the Navajo Loop trail. Turning right will take you back up and out of the canyon, but if you want to see the most remarkable portion of this trail, you’ll want to take a left and follow the Navajo Loop along the canyon floor.

The final portion of the Navajo loop will show you why this trail is the best family hike in Bryce Canyon.

towering red limestone hoodoos in bryce canyon in utah

Towering walls of red limestone will surround you and become increasingly narrow as you head up Wall Street.

If you’re like us, you’ll say “wow” every ten seconds and stop to take dozens of pictures.

The last portion of the trail is a series of steep switchbacks, but you’ll be inspired by all the beauty around you.


The trail will come to an end at Sunset Point. Take some time to admire the views (and catch your breath). If your legs feel like JELL-O, grab the shuttle and hitch a ride back to your vehicle at Sunrise Point.

If you still have some energy to burn, hike along the Rim Trail back to your starting point.

looking down wall street in bryce canyon national park

Wall Street! Can you spot the hikers on the trail coming out of the canyon?

Have you hiked Bryce Canyon?

Do you have a favorite family hike in Bryce Canyon? Or have you hiked this trail combination before? Share it with us in the comments!


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