Printable Car Games – Road Trip Activity Binder for Kids


Looking for something for the kids (or adults) to do while traveling?  Want to spend less time on devices during your family road trip?

We have you covered with our printable car games!

This 43-page road trip activity binder has a variety of car games that kids will love!  Simply download the file and print it on your home printer.

Young travelers will enjoy playing these games again and again.   Place pages in protective plastic sheets in a 3-ring binder and use with a dry erase marker for repeat fun!

The activity packet includes scavenger hunts, word games, the license plate game, I Spy, car BINGO, a travel journal template, and so much more!

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Product Details

  • 43 full-color pages
  • 8.5x11 inch, digital document (download the file and print at home)
  • high-quality, PDF format
  • file cannot be shared with other households or re-sold

Road Trip Activity Binder

  1. Road Trip Activity Binder cover sheet
  2. Tic Tac Toe
  3. License Plate game
  4. Alphabet Game
  5. Dots & Boxes
  6. Car Hunt
  7. I Spy
  8. Find It
  9. Word Scramble
  10. Crossword Puzzle
  11. Word Search
  12. Four in a Line
  13. Checkers
  14. Sink the Ships
  15. Maze Madness: Easy
  16. Maze Madness: Medium
  17. Maze Madness: Difficult
  18. Trip Journal template
  19. Silly Stories: It's Time to Go!
  20. Silly Stories: Snow Day
  21. Silly Stories: Make a Splash!
  22. Silly Stories: Roller Coaster Chaos
  23. Story Starter 1
  24. Story Starter 2
  25. Story Starter 3
  26. Story Starter 4
  27. Would You Rather...? 1
  28. Would You Rather...? 2
  29. COMPASSion (Random Acts of Kindness Challenge)
  30. BINGO: Move It! A
  31. BINGO: Move It! B
  32. BINGO: Move It! C
  33. BINGO: Road Sign A
  34. BINGO: Road Sign B
  35. BINGO: Road Sign C
  36. BINGO: City Scene A
  37. BINGO: City Scene B
  38. BINGO: City Scene C
  39. BINGO: Country A
  40. BINGO: Country B
  41. BINGO: Country C
  42. Guess the Pet
  43. Guess the Person



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