Vacation Fund Savings Tracker – PRINTABLE


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Is your summer vacation fully funded?

We know that saving for vacations can sometimes be a little tricky.

Having a visual reminder of our goals helps us stay on track.  In fact, it's a great way to get the kids involved and learn about budgeting!

Breaking our big goals down into mini-goals helps the dream seem more attainable.

Even young adventurers can understand that saying "NO" to buying that ice cream cone means that the money can be used for your vacation.

In fact, including kids in the budgeting process will give them a greater appreciation for the trip and empower them to make good money decisions later in life.


  • Let them color a suitcase whenever you hit a mini-goal.
  • Have a family yard sale with the proceeds going toward your family trip.
  • Encourage them to brainstorm ways to help save money (you might be surprised by what they say)!


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